My name is Martin Rich i was born in England in 1974 and currently reside in Coolum after migrating here with my parents when i was 4. I now call the Sunshine Coast home with my two sons Brandon  and Jordan. I have been a keen photographer for as long as i can remember. From snatching the camera off my parents so i could take that family photo or holiday snap when ever i got the chance to creating fine art images that have been purchased by four and five star resorts to display in their foyers.

It all started when my passion for photography grew stronger and stronger as i got older. So strong that i wasn't satisfied taking a few snaps here and there on the weekend anymore. My urge to capture many great images, and share them to the world was overwhelming. If there was going to be a great sunset, an electrical storm, or a picturesque sunrise there was no way i was going to miss it. I then left my job as a tyre fitter to embark on a lifelong dream to capture images, whether they are sunrises blistering with brilliant vibrant colour, or abstract images that don't seem what they are.
I have completed courses, diploma's, read books, magazines and autobiographies on famous and not so famous photographers. Books on camera and photographic techniques, and even set myself assignments to help memorise the abundance of information relating to all aspects of photography.

Power of Nature.jpg

Then what do you call a photographer? Is he or she someone that gathers images for newspapers and magazines? Or organises people for school photos, weddings etc. It can cover such a broad field. In a way i feel i am more of an artist than a photographer, by painting the sensor or film with true to life colour as my shutter opens just like an artist would apply brush strokes to his canvas.
For me to see someone get goosebumps, or to see the hair on someones arms stand on end when they look at an image i created is an amazing feeling. That is what photography means to me and that is why i created Kaptured Images....

"I hope you have enjoyed looking at my Art as much as i have enjoyed creating it"