• Martin Rich

First of all, sorry for the lack of blogs recently (not sure if anyone reads them). Its been hectic over the last few months with Christmas holidays, i also moved house, so its been crazy busy relocating and setting up again. I will be shooting more landscapes now and hope to shoot a lot more portraits. Hope everyone enjoyed there break, here are a few images from a some photo shoots i did recently.

Talk soon. :)

  • Martin Rich

It doesnt seem that long ago when i posted about storm season being over, and well here I am, as the storm season for 2019 seems to have started early. We didnt get many storms last year but it looks like we mite be in for a big one this year.

The weather is warming up on the Sunshine Coast, two of the last three days were above 30. With the warm weather comes afternoon storms. Last year we only had a small number of thunderstorms that produced good quality strikes. The storms tend to approach mainly from the South. This was a thunderstorm early on in the year as it approached Mooloolaba.

  • Martin Rich

I was at home yesterday afternoon and noticed the skies starting to darken. The sun toward the west was poking through some clouds, just as it started to drizzle a bit a rainbow appeared like i have never seen before.

It was the most vibrant, vivid rainbow i had ever seen. I didn't have time to pack my camera up and find a decent composition as a rainbow can disappear as quickly as it arrives, so i quickly snapped these images off my balcony.

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