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Winter has arrived, not that we get much of a winter here in Queensland compared to the southern states, but its still winter and although some hinterland parts of south East Queensland can drop below zero at times, however it averages around 15 degrees Celsius at night closer to the Coast with some colder nights around 5 degrees, but not very often.

Winter does provide some of my favourite scenery to photograph with lots of low lying and sometimes very thick fog. I love to photograph fog, it can add so much mood and feel to an image.

Tip: Make sure you have a good quality, clean cloth in your arsenal ( not one you have used the day before to wipe salt off the lens from an early morning beach shoot). I always carry multiple cloths. You will need this to keep your lens and camera dry, although it may not be raining the thick fog is also very damp.

Happy snapping, stay dry and warm. :)

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  • Martin Rich


Sunrise seascape

Yep that's pretty much how i ended up after this wave crashed over the rocks. Wet from the waste down with socks,shoes and jeans on it was cold enough to pack up and head home for a warm shower after that. :)

Please take extreme caution when shooting close to the waves. Although some cameras are waterproof to some extent they don't like to get to wet, and the salt water is probably your cameras worst enemy. I got covered one morning and my camera got saturated, it stopped working immediately. I ended up forking out nearly $800 to get both camera and lens cleaned and treated for salt water corrosion.

Taken using a 5Dmkii exposed for 1/2sec at f22 ISO100

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I love to shoot seascapes, even more so if the area has seaweed covered rocks. I have noticed on stormy overcast days with gaps in the clouds allowing minimal sunlight through that the greens, weather it be grass or trees and shrubs seem to glow, the green becomes very vibrant.

On this morning the skies were relatively clear and when the sun rose beyond the horizon, the rays hit the seaweed covered rocks and they began to almost glow.

Take plenty of caution though as i nearly ended up on my butt quite a few times. It was so slippery, it was like ice skating.

This was taken using a 5Dmkii exposed for 1.3sec at f20.

Sunrise seascape.

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