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As we move into the end of Summer our frequent storms of an afternoon become less frequent. Storm season this year was quite docile compared to the previous year/s. As we move into the Autumn months in Queensland our humidity drops and the skies that were prevalent with big thunder clouds and eerie looking storm shelves become crisp and clear. This shot looking out to sea toward Moreton Island was probably the last storm of the season.

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  • Martin Rich

Anyone that is a keen photographer, professional, semi-professional or just a keen budding hobbyist would of most definitely noticed some of these competitions on social media platforms. They are a great way to get exposure and you can even win cash and prizes for your entry.

Always be careful though to read the terms and conditions as some competitions will claim the right to use your image/images without any payment for doing so. I tend to stick to the more reputable competitions.

I was happy to be amongst the top 30 finalists of a monthly competition ran by Australian Photography Magazine recently, with my image "Washed Up".

Happy Snapping and good luck to those who enter their images.

A small dinghy on the banks of the Maroochy River

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  • Martin Rich

Instagram. An app most people on the planet has either heard of or are using today. I was a slow starter to join Instagram, but like many other like minded photographers i now use the app to upload and share my images.

At the start i thought it was great, a platform for me to upload my images to be viewed by people all over the world.

After using the app for nearly 4 years I have found myself questioning whether Instagram is for me. After doing some research i found out that bright coloured images with heavy saturation and formatted in the portrait style receive a lot more interaction (likes) than darker images or images posted in a landscape format.

I was also a bit put off by the fact that if you load an image in portrait style it still needs to cropped to fit in with Instagram's algorithms.

A lot of business is now driven by social media like Facebook and Instagram. I have fewer than 1000 followers as i don't buy followers as many other people do. I could have 50,0000 on my account if i wanted to, as you are able to purchase these so called followers from certain apps.

I love to scroll through my Instagram and often get inspiration from other photographers that i follow, but as a platform for photographers i think there needs to be some changes to there algorithms .

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