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Sometimes i find i need inspiration to go out and photograph. My inspiration comes from many different sources, other photographers, a good book and in this case an old favourite movie i had watched as a young child in Primary School.

Hearing of a remake of the movie Storm Boy, i sat down and watched the old one again. Mr Percival was one of the main characters ( a pelican). After watching the film again i was inspired to go out and photograph a pelican, which wasn't to hard as they are in abundance on the Sunshine Coast.

I headed to a spot where i had seen them before and couldn't believe my luck when i pulled up. A large single pelican was perched on the edge of an old dinghy that lines the banks of the Maroochy River. I set up and started taking some exposures. It was tricky, with not a great deal of light around my exposures were around 1 to 2 seconds. I took quite a few in order to get one sharp as the tide was pushing the boat around and the pelican wasn't really co-operating either.

After taking about 15 exposures of varying length i was happy with the end result, hope you like it too.

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  • Martin Rich

It seems pretty obvious i know, everyone particularly photographers must back up their work/images etc. I have payed the price by not following that one simple rule. I normally back up every couple of days, having trouble with an external hard drive i had not backed up for quite some.

To cut a long story short i ended up loosing nearly two years worth of images that i will not be able to get back nor reproduce again.

I highly recommend backing up to a cloud service or get yourself a decent quality external hard drive, because once they are gone, they are gone.

Ducks at sunrise

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My exhibition featuring some of my local landscape images is up and going now at the North Shore Community Centre at the Sunshine Coast Airport traffic lights.

Thirteen pieces including framed prints and stretched canvas's and of course all artworks are reproduced using the finest archival and museum grade materials.

The exhibition will run from now until the end of August. Visit my facebook page to see some of the images on display.

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