• Martin Rich

Nature's Fury

We hadn't had a summer storm in quite a while. It was inevitable that the Coast was going to get hit by a late afternoon summer storm soon, it has been too hot not too.

The haze started to fill the sky in the late afternoon as the clouds towards Brisbane were starting to darken and thicken. That summer storm was on its way. As the wind picked up along with a few brief scattered showers the light show started.

It didn't take long to capture a few decent strikes as the storm was very concentrated and intense, probably one of, if not the most intense electrical storm i have seen in over twenty years on the Sunshine Coast. It hit hard and fast, short and sweet so to speak. As quick as the show from mother nature arrived, it headed out to see and beyond the horizon.

Tip: A camera that enables you to control the length of exposure i feel is a must these days. Although with the continual development in today's technology being able to grab a frame of 5mp from a continuous video stream makes it a lot easier to capture lightning images. I am a photographer and more of a traditionalist to some extremes and try to capture my images in more of a traditional manner.

More often than not a longer exposure is required shooting storms, more so if it is night time, hence a tripod is also a necessary piece of equipment as well as a remote or cable release.

(If you would like to find out the settings for these images, send me a message via my contact us page).

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