• Martin Rich

What is Blue Hour?

I ventured out one night to Cotton Tree to recapture an image i had taken many years ago with my Canon300 film camera. It was taken not long after the sun had set, this is known as blue hour.

Whats blue hour you ask?

A jetty along Maroochy River stands out during blue hour

The blue hour typically occurs for about 40 minutes twice a day, once right before the sun pops up in the morning and once right after the sun dips below the horizon following the evening sunset. The reason the hue is so overwhelmingly blue is because the Earth's pre-sunrise and post-sunset atmosphere only receives and scatters the sun's shorter blue wavelengths. Meanwhile, the sun's longer red wavelengths pass on into space without reaching the planet's surface. Because of the length of the exposure the few stars that where visible left slight trails so i removed them, apart from that not much else was done during post processing. Just a magical time of the day, blue hour.

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