• Martin Rich

Accidents do Happen

Its inevitable, we cant help it at some point in our lives we have accidents some worse than others, its human nature, we aren't perfect.

This was a 1.8m framed image of the Milky Way galactic core rising over Mudjimba Beach titled endless. It was purchased by the awesome owners of Forty Winks at Kawana.

For such a large framed print i use a bracket technique to hang it. My bracket on the back of the frame and on the wall where in place. I climbed up the ladder and sat the large, heavy frame onto the bracket. Everything seemed fine so i climbed back down the ladder to check if i had it centred. As soon as i turned around i watched the frame fall from about 2m onto the ground and smash into hundreds of pieces.

I thought it had locked in, but was obviously only balancing on top of the brackets on about 2mm of metal. Next time i will make sure i push it back against the wall until it locks in.

We learn from our mistakes and this one was extremely costly :(

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