• Martin Rich


Sometimes i find i need inspiration to go out and photograph. My inspiration comes from many different sources, other photographers, a good book and in this case an old favourite movie i had watched as a young child in Primary School.

Hearing of a remake of the movie Storm Boy, i sat down and watched the old one again. Mr Percival was one of the main characters ( a pelican). After watching the film again i was inspired to go out and photograph a pelican, which wasn't to hard as they are in abundance on the Sunshine Coast.

I headed to a spot where i had seen them before and couldn't believe my luck when i pulled up. A large single pelican was perched on the edge of an old dinghy that lines the banks of the Maroochy River. I set up and started taking some exposures. It was tricky, with not a great deal of light around my exposures were around 1 to 2 seconds. I took quite a few in order to get one sharp as the tide was pushing the boat around and the pelican wasn't really co-operating either.

After taking about 15 exposures of varying length i was happy with the end result, hope you like it too.

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