• Martin Rich

Instagram Pros and Cons

Instagram. An app most people on the planet has either heard of or are using today. I was a slow starter to join Instagram, but like many other like minded photographers i now use the app to upload and share my images.

At the start i thought it was great, a platform for me to upload my images to be viewed by people all over the world.

After using the app for nearly 4 years I have found myself questioning whether Instagram is for me. After doing some research i found out that bright coloured images with heavy saturation and formatted in the portrait style receive a lot more interaction (likes) than darker images or images posted in a landscape format.

I was also a bit put off by the fact that if you load an image in portrait style it still needs to cropped to fit in with Instagram's algorithms.

A lot of business is now driven by social media like Facebook and Instagram. I have fewer than 1000 followers as i don't buy followers as many other people do. I could have 50,0000 on my account if i wanted to, as you are able to purchase these so called followers from certain apps.

I love to scroll through my Instagram and often get inspiration from other photographers that i follow, but as a platform for photographers i think there needs to be some changes to there algorithms .

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