• Martin Rich

Slippery when wet

I love to shoot seascapes, even more so if the area has seaweed covered rocks. I have noticed on stormy overcast days with gaps in the clouds allowing minimal sunlight through that the greens, weather it be grass or trees and shrubs seem to glow, the green becomes very vibrant.

On this morning the skies were relatively clear and when the sun rose beyond the horizon, the rays hit the seaweed covered rocks and they began to almost glow.

Take plenty of caution though as i nearly ended up on my butt quite a few times. It was so slippery, it was like ice skating.

This was taken using a 5Dmkii exposed for 1.3sec at f20.

Sunrise seascape.

#Art #Nature #Seascapes #Photography #Sunrise #longexposurephotography #Yaroomba

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