• Martin Rich

Keep one eye on the waves


Sunrise seascape

Yep that's pretty much how i ended up after this wave crashed over the rocks. Wet from the waste down with socks,shoes and jeans on it was cold enough to pack up and head home for a warm shower after that. :)

Please take extreme caution when shooting close to the waves. Although some cameras are waterproof to some extent they don't like to get to wet, and the salt water is probably your cameras worst enemy. I got covered one morning and my camera got saturated, it stopped working immediately. I ended up forking out nearly $800 to get both camera and lens cleaned and treated for salt water corrosion.

Taken using a 5Dmkii exposed for 1/2sec at f22 ISO100

#Art #Coolum #Photography #longexposure #Seascapes #Sunrise #Yaroomba

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