• Martin Rich

Winter in Queensland

Winter has arrived, not that we get much of a winter here in Queensland compared to the southern states, but its still winter and although some hinterland parts of south East Queensland can drop below zero at times, however it averages around 15 degrees Celsius at night closer to the Coast with some colder nights around 5 degrees, but not very often.

Winter does provide some of my favourite scenery to photograph with lots of low lying and sometimes very thick fog. I love to photograph fog, it can add so much mood and feel to an image.

Tip: Make sure you have a good quality, clean cloth in your arsenal ( not one you have used the day before to wipe salt off the lens from an early morning beach shoot). I always carry multiple cloths. You will need this to keep your lens and camera dry, although it may not be raining the thick fog is also very damp.

Happy snapping, stay dry and warm. :)

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